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2 April 2020, Pune-Ever since the outbreak of the dreaded Corona virus, our frontline work teams have been selflessly working around the clock to bring things under control. These include Doctors, Nurses, Service experts, Police officers, Medical practitioners, Hospital support staff, Civil service personnel among others.

Prepared by in-house chefs, at each of our chosen Pride Hotel’s properties, the food parcel will comprise of Rice, Dal, Vegetable, and Chapatis. Pride Hotel strictly abides by all social distancing and personal hygiene guidelines. Hence the parcels will be neatly packed and distributed under the guidance of an NGO and local police stationed in each of these cities.

“Pride Hotel takes pride in being a truly Indian hospitality company. Presently, as we witness an unprecedented lockdown in our country due to the Corona virus pandemic, our heart goes out to the healthcare workers and police officers who are leading from the frontline. They’re our real heroes. We understand that most of them are deprived of basic food and water during this difficult period. As a small gesture of appreciation towards our most deserving saviors’, we at Pride Group Of Hotels are distributing free food parcels at our seven properties. We are extremely happy to be part of this noble cause” says Satyen Jain, CEO, Pride Group of Hotels.