Private vehicles run on government-made roads, so why not do this on the tracks? Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said on private investment

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Harleen Kaur Grewal

New Delhi, March 16, 2021: Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Tuesday made it clear that the railway is the property of India, it will never be privatized. He also said that the passengers deserve good facilities and that the economy will be strengthened through the railways. Piyush Goyal, while defending the plan to run private sector trains on railway tracks also argued that if the private vehicles can run on government-made roads, private trains can run on government-made tracks.

Responding to the discussion in the Lok Sabha on the demands for grants under the control of the Ministry of Railways for the year 2021-22, Piyush Goyal said, “The unfortunate situation is that many MPs accuse privatization and corporatization. Indian Railways will never be privatized. I assure you that railway is the property of India, it will never be privatized.”

Significantly, during the discussion on Monday, some other members including Congress’s Jasbir Singh Gill, ET Mohammed Bashir of IUML had made comments about attempting to privatize the railway. He said that all kinds of vehicles whisk about on roads, then progress is made and only then everyone will get facilities.

The minister said that unprecedented work has been done in the last seven years towards the expansion of elevators, escalators, and facilities in the railways. He said, “If we have to build state-of-the-art railways, a lot of money will be required.”

Piyush Goyal said that plans have been made for Amritsar with an investment of Rs 230 crore. He said that the model design of 50 such stations has been prepared. He said that extensive investment is being made for the beautification and modernization of the New Delhi railway station.

The Railway Minister said, “Even if the private investment comes, the country is in the interest of the passengers, in the interest of the passengers. The services that the private sector will provide will be available to Indian citizens. Will get employment The country’s economy will grow. He said, “Only when the government and the private sector work together, only then will we be able to create a bright future for the country.” It is the highest in the history of Indian Railways.