Production In Companies In Pune District Reaches 97%: MCCIA

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Pune, 2nd March 2022: During the 23rd survey conducted by Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) during the Covid times, it has been revealed that the production level reached 97%. Over 150 organisations participated in this survey from Pune District.

Prashant Girbane, DG, MCCIA, said, “It is great to see production levels already at or beyond pre-pandemic levels for large and medium-sized firms. Small firms would get there within a month or two. It’s the micro firms (turn over less than 5 cr) that would take another two to four months to register full recovery.”

A. Current level of Production:

On average, the surveyed companies said that their current level of production has increased slightly from 96% in January 2022 to 97% in February 2022.

B. Employees Working:

On average, the surveyed companies said that the number of employees working has increased from 91% in January 2022 to 93% in February 2022.

C. Future expectations:

The surveyed companies were also asked about when their production levels were expected to be the same as they were pre-pandemic.

55% of the companies said their production was already at pre-COVID levels. 35% of the respondents said that they expect their production levels to go back to the pre-Covid levels in up to 6 months and 10% said it would take more than 6 months as compared to 17% of the companies in December 2021

D. Profile of respondents:

The distribution of organisations surveyed from micro, small, medium and large-scale organisations was 25%, 29%, 22% and 24% respectively.

63% of the organisations surveyed were from the manufacturing sector, 19% from the services sector and the remaining 18% were involved in both manufacturing and services.

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mccia pune