Proper Hydration And Clothing Key To Staying Healthy During Hot Summer

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Dr Shridhar Deshmukh
Pune, 27th April 2023: The increasing variation in day and night temperatures is affecting us in various ways, including making us more susceptible to viruses that were dormant during colder temperatures but are now being stimulated by warmer weather, causing infections such as sore throat, cough, and diarrhea. Additionally, these fluctuations in temperature can disrupt the body’s thermostatic mechanism, requiring extra effort to maintain body temperature.

After the Covid pandemic, many people are experiencing recurrent respiratory infections, such as severe or chronic cough, which may be due to weakened immunity and the use of steroids during the pandemic, which were the mainstay of treatment for severe Covid.

While paracetamol is a safe drug for reducing fever, overuse can have side effects, including liver injury. It’s essential to find the cause of a fever, rather than just taking paracetamol and other over-the-counter antibiotics or medicines, as some fevers may require specific treatment.

For the upcoming hot summer, it is advisable to maintain proper hydration by increasing daily water intake, fluids, juices, and oral rehydration solution (ORS). Clothing is also crucial in these fluctuating temperatures, with light clothes during the day and warmer clothes during the night and early morning.

The variation in temperatures has led to an increase in influenza fever cases at present.

Many people are self-diagnosing and treating themselves using information from the internet, which can be very dangerous. It’s important to consult with a family doctor when needed.

(Dr Shridhar Deshmukh, MD (General Medicine), is a Consultant Physician & Intensivist at Ruby Hall Clinic.)