Protest by Residents of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir outside Pakistan High Commission London

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London, 22 October 2021: More than 100 members of the National Equality Party Jammu Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan and Ladakh (NEP JKGBL) staged a three-hour protest titled Black Day and Horror Day in front of the Pakistan High Commission in London on October 22, 2021, at 3.30 pm.

This was to mark the 74th anniversary of the 1947 Pakistani Army invasion of India leading to it illegally occupying India’s territories. During the protests, Sajjad Raja, the president of the NEP JKGBL addressing the gathering recalled that it was on October 22, 1947 that the Pakistan army disguised as Kabaili Lashkars attacked Kashmir. The territory is now known as POK.

The Pakistani military establishment had launched a two-pronged attack on India using its military in the garb of Kabaili tribals from North West Frontier Province that led to a major genocide of non-muslims and non-supporting people.

The protestors made loud and clear demands that Pakistan should immediately withdraw from POK and stop atrocities on the common people of PoK. They shamed Pakistan through sloganeering outside the Pakistan High Commission and vented out their angst against the rule of terror in POK.

Pakistan later had themselves revealed to the United Nations that the Pakistani Army disguised as Kabailis had attacked India. During the invasion, they slaughtered innocent civilians, elderly, women children. Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) was turned into a butcher house. Kashmiri women were carried away and sold as slaves in the markets of Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshwar, and Afghanistan.

Pakistan breached its agreement with the then J& K government and failed to honour a status quo promise which was its operative part . “But Pakistan deceived, betrayed and conspired to launch the ‘Operation Gulmarg’,” recalled Raja.

Major General Akbar Khan was incharge of this plan (A pdf copy of the book he authored is available in Google).

Pakistan Army attacked JK as they failed to hold onto Hyderabad and Junagadh. Documents in this regard is available on Google Archives. The plan rewarded the Pakistan government with immovable properties and Pak Army Officers, soldiers and Kabailis with movable properties.

Raja appealed to the international community and pleaded them to intervene for a peaceful resolution.

He added that J&K is not a dispute between India and Pakistan. If there is any problem it is between the people of J&K and the Govt. of India.

When Pak Army arrived in JK, Govt. of JK asked Indian Army to come and defend them. Pak is an illegal occupier according to Raja. “So our King signed the instrument of accession with India and under the agreement, Govt. of JK gave three portfolios to India viz., Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communication.

He alleged that the Indian Govt. made Pakistan a party to the dispute which is legally and constitutionally wrong. India should now change the policy and honour the instrument of accession of 26 Oct. 1947.

The protest culminated into candle light vigil in memory of those butchered by the Pakistani army.