Corona crisis deepens in Russia, lockdown in St. Petersburg from October 30; Cases increase in China also

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Moscow, 24th October 2021: In many countries including Russia, the Covid-19 epidemic has started taking a terrible form again. And a lockdown has to be announced in St. Petersburg, Russia.

There, restaurants, cafes and other non-essential categories of shops, establishments and institutions will remain closed from October 30 to November 7.

During the last 24 hours, 35,660 new cases of corona were reported in Russia, while 37,678 cases were registered a day earlier. During this 1,072 people died.

Chile reported 2,056 new cases in a single day since July.

Chinese officials said on Sunday that 43 new cases of corona infection have been found there during the last 24 hours.

According to IANS, the number of corona infected has reached 24.33 crore globally, while the death toll has reached close to 50 lakh. In a report released on Sunday by John Hopkins University, it has been told that 6.78 billion vaccines have been administered worldwide.

America remains the most affected country, where the number of infected has reached 4.54 million and the number of dead has reached 7.35 lakh.

India ranks second in terms of infected (3.41 crores). The number of corona infected has increased to 2.17 crore in Brazil, 87.75 lakh in Britain, 80.78 lakh in Russia, 78.26 lakh in Turkey and 72.21 lakh in France.

According to Reuters, the number of corona infected in Eastern Europe crossed 20 million on Sunday.

The Australian government on Sunday launched the next phase of a vaccination campaign to combat the third wave of Covid.

Health Minister Greg Hunt was quoted by Xinhua News Agency as saying that the campaign has been named ‘Spread Freedom’. People are being told that those vaccinated will be able to travel within the states and also abroad. About 86.6 percent of Australia’s population has taken at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. Hunt said that booster doses could be introduced in the country soon.

South Korea has achieved the goal of full immunization of 70 percent of its population. Both doses of the vaccine have been administered to 3.59 crore population of the country, which is 70 percent of the total population of 5.13 crore.

China’s National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng claimed on Sunday that 75.6 percent of its population had been fully immunized as of 23 October.