Public Notice: Pune Cantonment Board Issues Warning Against Unauthorized Sale/Purchase of Old Grant and Lease Properties

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Sumit Singh

Camp, 2nd January 2024: Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) has issued a notice alerting the public to the unauthorized sale and purchase of lease and old grant properties on Class B-3 land within Pune Cantonment. The board highlights instances where lessees and occupants of Old Grant Bungalows have transferred and sold properties without the necessary approvals from the competent authority or the Government of India.

The notice serves as a stern caution, emphasizing that any sale of lease or old grant properties on Defence land within Pune Cantonment must not proceed without proper notice and approval. Such cases should be promptly brought to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Pune Cantonment Board, and registrations should not be carried out without due process.

The Chief Executive Officer, Subrat Pal, has urged the public to refrain from engaging in any unauthorized sale transactions concerning properties on B-3 land held on leasehold terms without the prior sanction of the Pune Cantonment Board.

This notice aims to safeguard the integrity of property transactions and uphold legal procedures within Pune Cantonment. Individuals and builders are urged to adhere to the guidelines laid out by the competent authority and seek proper approvals before engaging in any sale or purchase of properties in the specified area.

For any concerns or reporting unauthorized transactions, citizens are encouraged to bring the matter to the immediate attention of the Chief Executive Officer, Pune Cantonment Board. The board remains vigilant in ensuring that all property transactions comply with the necessary approvals, protecting the interests of the community and maintaining the integrity of the Pune Cantonment area.

Earlier on January 1, 2024, Pal wrote to the Inspector General of Registration, Government of Maharashtra, informing that the lessees/occupiers of the Old Grant / Leased properties within Cantonment are unauthorisely selling to individuals/ Private parties/Builders without approval of the competent authorities. “It is therefore requested that, subordinates / Registrars / Sub-registrars within your jurisdiction may please be informed that no such sale of lease and old grant properties inside civil area of Pune Cantonment should be registered and any such cases be referred and brough to the immediate notice of the Chief Executive Officer, Pune Cantonment Board”, Pal stated in his letter.