Pune: PMC Imposes Rs 8.77 Lakh Fine On L&T For Unauthorised Road Digging; Soon Citizens Can Verify Permissions Online

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Pune, 2nd January 2024: L&T Ltd. is facing repercussions after unauthorized digging on the road leading from Abhimanshri society to Pashan. The company carried out excavation work without obtaining permission from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), leading to a hefty fine and the suspension of a junior engineer in the road department.

PMC’s Additional Commissioner, Vikas Dhakne, discovered the unauthorized digging during his visit to Pashan on Thursday morning. The road, recently repaired and re-tarred after a water pipeline project, was once again disrupted by L&T Ltd.’s activities. When questioned, the concerned engineer claimed the excavation was a necessity for the pipeline.

However, investigations revealed that L&T Ltd. had been granted permission by the road department in September under the water supply project. This permission came with the condition of informing the Junior Engineer, Deputy Engineer, and Executive Engineer of the Road Department before starting any road excavation from October 1 to October 31. L&T Ltd. failed to adhere to these conditions.

The road department of the Municipal Corporation has imposed a substantial fine of ₹8,77,824 on L&T Ltd. for the unauthorized digging. Additionally, the junior engineer involved in the case has been suspended.

It was noted that a private individual also excavated the road without permission, resulting in a fine ranging from ₹4 to ₹5 lakhs by the Municipal Corporation. In response to these incidents, the administration has announced a stricter stance on unauthorized road digging.

“Direct action will now be taken if the road is dug without permission. Information about the license granted for road excavation will be made available on the municipal website. This ensures that citizens can immediately verify whether someone has the proper authorization to dig the road, facilitating monitoring of unauthorized road excavation,” stated Dhakne.