Public-Private Collaboration Aims to Tackle Pune’s Civic Challenges

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Pune, 8th January 2024: Top business magnates and influential figures from Pune gathered at the Poonawalla Manor in Koregaon Park to discuss pressing civic issues plaguing the city. The meeting, spearheaded by billionaire Yohan Poonawalla and his wife Michelle, saw the participation of prominent personalities including PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar, Dr. Purvez Grant from Ruby Hall Clinic, and industrialists Ali Daruwala and Pheroz Pudumjee.

The focus of the high-profile meeting revolved around addressing the critical challenges hindering Pune’s development. One key highlight was the unanimous agreement among stakeholders on the necessity of a robust public-private partnership to overcome these obstacles and foster comprehensive growth in the city.

Yohan Poonawalla emphasized the significance of collaboration between the private and public sectors to achieve tangible results rather than isolated efforts. Discussions with PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar centered on pivotal subjects like Pune Metro, airport enhancements, and the urgency to match the city’s infrastructure with its exponential population growth.

Michelle Poonawalla echoed similar sentiments, stressing the need for collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors. She underscored the vital role played by the PMC in Pune’s development, acknowledging the city’s transformation and the imperative to align infrastructure with its burgeoning population.

Commissioner Vikram Kumar highlighted the fruitful deliberations, indicating a focus on civic infrastructure upgrades, traffic management, airport development, and initiatives leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding from corporate entities.

Dr. Purvez Grant shed light on Pune’s limited international connectivity and stressed the urgency to expand airport facilities within six months to accommodate larger flights. He emphasized the vast gap between Pune’s infrastructure and that of developed nations, calling for unified efforts to elevate the city to international standards.

Pheroz Pudumjee emphasized the necessity of pooling resources to ensure effective execution, citing Pune’s rapid growth outpacing its infrastructure, particularly concerning water scarcity issues.

Ali Daruwala commended the collaborative efforts of key figures and pledged to continue organizing such gatherings for Pune’s development and its citizens’ welfare as part of a broader national development initiative.

The Poonawalla Group’s contributions through Corporate Social Responsibility were highlighted, showcasing their commitment to eradicating diseases, supporting healthcare infrastructure, beautifying public spaces, and promoting education in Pune.