Savitribai Phule Pune University Suspends ‘Stringent’ SOP For Student Union Activities On Campus

Pune university SPPU
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Niketan Kadam

Pune, 8th January 2024: In a move aimed at prioritizing the well-being and concerns of the student community, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) has decided to suspend the proposed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for student union activities, staff queries, and faculty demands.


The university administration, led by Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Parag Kalkar and Registrar Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Khare, engaged in a detailed discussion with representatives of student and staff unions during a meeting held today. The decision to suspend the SOP was reached after careful consideration and in response to concerns raised by various student organizations.


The proposed SOP outlined stringent guidelines, including the requirement for student organizations to seek prior permission at least five days in advance for activities and programs. It also mandated organizing events in designated spaces and providing a written guarantee to prevent any damage to the university property. However, the representatives of student organizations strongly opposed these regulations during the meeting.


In response to the feedback, Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Khare, the Registrar in charge of the university, announced the temporary suspension of the SOP. This decision reflects the university’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and open environment, where issues are addressed through coordination and discussion rather than rigid procedures.


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The university’s administration and student unions expressed their dedication to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere on campus. The move to suspend the SOP demonstrates a responsive approach, ensuring that the university’s focus remains on resolving issues through dialogue and cooperation.