Public Private Partnership can help improve delivery of public health services – Dr Vijay Kelkar

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Pune, 16th April 2022: Given the huge challenge of meeting the needs of public health, it is necessary to harness the advantages of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in the healthcare sector, noted economist and former Finance Secretary of Government of India Dr Vijay Kelkar stressed on Saturday.

“Budgetary allocation of less than  one per cent of Gross National Product for public health has brought about a huge imbalance of public health delivery in urban and rural areas of the country, and therefore this area offers an excellent opportunity for the PPP model,” Dr Kelkar said.

Dr Kelkar was addressing the members of Pune Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Society (POGS) as the Chief Guest of the installation ceremony of the new managing committee of the Society. Dr Parag Biniwale assumed the office of President of the Society for the year 2022-23 during the function.

President of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Society of India Dr S Shantha Kumari was guest of honour for the function. Outgoing President of the POGS Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar and outgoing as well as new members of the managing committee were present at the function.

“Private participation in the area of public health will bring expertise, finance, efficiency, innovation and technology to this area while the government can be the provider of initial finance and a facilitator and regulator.  But PPP in public health will require culture change in bureaucracy and government,” Dr Kelkar said.

Dr Shanta Kumari said the medical community must take active part in curbing the evil of sex selective abortions and violence against doctors.Dr Parag Biniwale who took over as the 32nd President of POGS said women’s health is an important subject because of the diverse responsibility they are expected to shoulder.

The challenges are much more serious in rural areas, he said, adding that the POGS has been undertaking many outreach programmes in Pune and surrounding areas. He laid out a blueprint of activities POGS intends to take up during the tenure of the new managing committee. Dr Kelkar released the Society’s publication in its new, revived format.POGS incoming General Secretary Dr Ashish Kale proposed the vote of thanks.