Pune: 12-Year-Old Girl Among Three Rescued After Wall Collapse Of Old Wada

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Ganesh Peth, 21st May 2024: A 12-year-old girl was among three people rescued by the Pune Fire Brigade after the wall of an old wada in Ganesh Peth collapsed early Monday morning.

The incident occurred around 1:38 AM at Chorghe Wada, where a woman, her daughter, and the woman’s brother were staying. The rescued individuals have been identified as Sheela Chorghe (40), her daughter Shruti (12), and her brother Pramod Kedar (41).

Fire officer Sunil Mane explained that the main entrance of the wada was blocked by debris from the collapsed wall, preventing immediate access to the premises. “In the presence of police, we broke into a locked house in the neighborhood to reach the trapped individuals. We rescued them within 15 minutes,” he said.

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Although the three people were unhurt, they made numerous attempts to escape the wada after being trapped. “The trapped individuals raised an alarm, and a nearby resident alerted the police and the fire brigade,” Mane added.

He attributed the wall collapse to the wada’s dilapidated condition.