Pune: Vehicular Road to Sinhagad Fort Closed for Repairs Until Thursday

sinhgad fort
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Pune, 21st May 2024: The vehicular road leading to Sinhagad Fort will be closed from today until Thursday, May 23, for repairs. During this period, no vehicles will be allowed to enter the fort. However, visitors can still access the fort by walking through Atkarwadi.

The closure is due to the frequent landslides that occur on the roads leading to Sinhagad Fort during the monsoon season. The forest department has taken this preventive measure to repair dangerous cracks in the road in advance.

Punekars often flock to Sinhagad during the monsoons to enjoy the natural beauty. However, the road to the fort frequently collapses, resulting in closures and sometimes stranding tourists. To address this issue, the forest department conducted a study to identify areas at risk of landslides. Last year, protective nets were installed in some areas, but several nets were dislodged by landslides.

This year, the forest department has assigned the task of installing new protective nets to the Public Works Department (PWD). The repair work has begun, and the road will remain closed to ensure safety during the installation process, as large boulders may fall, posing a threat to tourists.

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Despite the closures, the popularity of Sinhagad as a monsoon destination persists. Many Pune residents visit Khadakwasla and Sinhagad during the rainy season, attracted by the scenic and historical appeal of the fort. To prevent incidents of tourists being stranded due to road collapses, the forest department is taking these precautionary steps.