Pune: 13-year-old ‘Bhai’ Of Social Media Becomes Govt Service Aspirant After Police’s Counselling

Bharati Vidyapeeth Police Station
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Pune 20th August 2023: Incidents of teenagers being attracted towards crime and later getting involved in criminal activities has been on rise especially after many of them started sharing pictures and videos of their criminal activities on their social media accounts. However, Pune City Police have set an example by counselling one such boy who was influenced by the criminal activities and had created social media accounts where he had started sharing objectionable posts.


The 13-year-old orphan boy came on police radar after his social media account was found posting some objectionable content. According to a report in the Times of India, the police team from Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station traced the location from where the social media accounts were accessed and they reached a Pune Municipal Corporation run school. The officers were shocked when they were informed that the account holder they were looking for was a 13-year-old boy who was fascinated by crime. He had lost his parents and was living with his grandparents in the city.


The police team started counselling him by telling him motivational stories and finally he deleted his social media accounts. The boy is now concentrating on his studies and he aims to become a government officer. This sparked the police team to find out more such teenagers who were fascinated by crime and it resulted in Pune Police counselling around 83 boys from the same area including those who were involved in some offences in the past.