Pune: 14% Schools In Maharashtra Don’t Have Playgrounds

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Pune, 9th July 2021: Due to Covid-19 all students have been locked up in their homes, they don’t have access to playgrounds. This has been affecting the mental health of all students.  For the last two years, the lockdown has not allowed students to progress mentally as well as physically. 14% of schools within the state don’t have playgrounds. Sports teachers stated that this hinders the Due overall progress of students.


As per the survey carried out by the state government, it has been reported that only 86.46% of schools have playgrounds. Within government and private school groups only 81% of schools have been reported to have. 95% of private aided schools and 93% of unaided schools have playgrounds. It has been observed that, in comparison to private aided and unaided schools, state government schools don’t have playgrounds.


Schools within the state with playgrounds: 95,306

State government schools with playgrounds: 53,635

Private aided schools with playgrounds: 22,616

Private unaided schools with playgrounds: 18,360


A sports teacher said, “Most of the schools within the state don’t have playgrounds. Due to which students who have been highly interested in sports face various challenges. It has been observed that playgrounds are offered on rent. Only financially rich kids can afford this and practice their sports activities. But kids who come from middle-class families can’t afford such facilities which forces them to give up on sports unwillingly.”


Nivrutti Kalbhor, Coordinator, Sports Teacher Department, Maharashtra State, said, “Due to Covid-19 pandemic students are not able to step out of home, which has affected their mental health. It’s impossible to have overall progress without being mentally and physically active. Limitations have been set as there are no playgrounds.”