Pune: 146 Goats Succumb To Unknown Illness In Lonavala, Urgent Call for Government Aid

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Lonavala, 30th January 2024: Approximately 146 goats belonging to Kaluram Shivaji Barkade, a goat herdsman from the hills above the villages of Vaksai, Deoghar, Karandoli, and Jewrewadi, lost their lives. The unfortunate incident unfolded after something contaminated the feed of the goats, leading to their sudden deterioration and eventual demise.

Barkade earns his livelihood by tending to his goat shed. The incident occurred on Sunday night when the goats started exhibiting signs of illness after midnight.

Upon realizing the severity of the situation, Barkade informed the villagers, prompting an immediate call for assistance from the Maval Taluk Veterinary Officer. Over the last two days, the medical team worked to save the remaining goats and investigate the cause of the sudden mass deaths.

The substantial loss has cast a pall of sorrow over the Dhangar community, with demands for government intervention and compensation for the affected animal husbandry at the government level. The citizens of Karandoli and surrounding areas have also rallied together, extending their support and urging others to assist the victims during this challenging time.