Pune: 20 Biogas Projects To Be Shut By PMC As Maintenance And Repair Costs are Unaffordable; Rs 100 Crores Spent In 10 Years

PMC Pune
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Pune, 1st June 2022: The Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) Solid Waste Management Department has decided to close down 20 biogas plants as the cost of maintenance and repair of biogas projects as well as transportation of wet waste to the project is unaffordable.


Biogas projects will be shut down after administrative approval. The decision will drain billions of rupees spent on projects so far.

The PMC has set up 25 biogas plants in different parts of the city at a cost of Rs.100 crore in the last ten years to process wet waste and produce biogas from it. Their capacity is upto five to ten tons.


The first project was set up by PMC in the Model Colony area in the years 2008-09. Most of these projects have expired. Even after that, the maintenance and repair expenses for these projects were being borne by the Municipal Corporation. Billions of rupees were spent for this.

However, now that the cost is unaffordable, it has been decided to close the project. At present, out of 25 projects, 20 have been closed.

The Municipal Corporation has adopted the policy of decentralization and processing of wet waste. A biogas plant with a capacity of five to ten tons was set up to dispose of the waste in the ward itself.