Pune: 227 mm Rainfall Recorded In Lonavla In Last 24 Hours

Bhushi Dam Lonavala
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Lonavla, 15th July 2022: As much as 227 mm (8.94 inches) of rain has been recorded in Lonavla city in the last 24 hours. Due to heavy rains in Lonavala for the past ten to twelve days, life has been disrupted.

Between July 4 and July 14, Lonavala city received 1781 mm (70.11 inches) of rain. Due to heavy rains, the water level of Lonavala Dam has increased and although there is a possibility of uncontrolled water flow from the spillway for the past three days, nature is supporting the city. As the intensity of rain is reducing after heavy rain, the danger of water flowing over the dam is averted.

Due to heavy rain, the road in the Mawla Putla Chowk, Raywood Road, the road in front of Municipal Council Hospital, Shahani Road, and Nangargaon Valwan Road are under water. Due to heavy wind along with rain, trees have fallen in many places. In some places branches are broken, electricity distribution wires are broken, and cable wires are broken. Municipal council teams have been kept ready to help in case of any calamity.

Lonavala city has recorded 2196 mm (86.46 inches) of rainfall till date. Last year till date, Lonavala city received 1374 mm (54.09 inches) of rainfall.