Pune: 23,000 People Faced Action In Last 5 Days For Violating Lockdown Norms

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Pune, 12th May 2021: In the last five days, Pune city police have taken action against 23,000 people for violating lockdown norms. The police have appealed to citizens to stay home and do not come out unnecessarily.

After the remark made by the Bombay high court, the city police started taking strict action against people who are wandering outside unnecessarily. Many senior officials including the Joint Commissioner of Police Dr Ravindra Shisve came on the street and reviewed the checkpoints in different parts of the city.

 It has been observed that the number of people going out without any reason has increased. Some even hire the cab and autorickshaw to avoid the inquiry. But since last Thursday (6th May) the police have started taking strict action and every vehicle on the road after 12 pm is being checked.

Jt CP Shisve said, “People are allowed to shop for essential goods between 7 am to 11 am on week days. After that, they must return home. People who are going outside for a valid reason will not be punished but those who are going out without any reason will face strict action by the police.”

In April, the action was taken against 30,000 people for the same. After that, the police emphasized counselling but as the number of vehicles increased, the department again started taking strict actions.

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