Pune: 30,000 People Vaccinated At Their Workplaces

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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, July 7, 2021: Municipal Corporation has started vaccination centres in schools and hospitals in the city, some people are not able to come to the centres. Therefore, the municipal corporation went to places where there are more than 100 people and vaccinated them for free. So far 30,377 people have been vaccinated in 159 places in the city.

Vaccination is one of the effective ways to reduce the risk of Covid. The citizens are giving a good response for free vaccines and citizens who aren’t getting free vaccines are getting paid vaccinations. A vaccination drive was carried out on Tuesday in the solid waste department at the main municipal building. Since the inception of this campaign, Municipal Corporation teams have visited 159 places in the city and vaccinated 30,377 people there. 5,202 people were vaccinated at 55 places for old age homes and special disabilities through social organizations and 104 places were vaccinated with the help of various organizations and government organizations.

So far this drive has covered159 places to vaccinate people through social organizations, old age homes, organizations working for special citizens and government organizations. “More than 30,000 citizens have been vaccinated at their places of residence and work.” said Dr Vaishali Jadhav, Assistant Health Head, Pune Municipal Corporation.