Pune: 60 Needy Students Receive Extended Support As Robinhood Army Guarantees Food Till May, Donors Appealed To Come Forward

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Niketan Kadam

Pune, 18th January 2024: In the bustling city of Pune, where dreams are nurtured through education, the financial strain on students from rural Maharashtra is a significant challenge. Students Helping Hands Foundation, in collaboration with the Robinhood Army Group, is making a commendable effort to alleviate this burden by extending a helping hand to 60 aspiring students in Pune.

In December 2023, Punekar News had reported about the students from drought-hit Marathwada who are facing hardships in Pune.

The initiative aims to support students who face difficulties in covering their living expenses while pursuing education in the city. The Robinhood Army, through the Students Helping Hands Foundation, is providing essential food facilities for these 60 needy students until the end of May, allowing them to focus on their studies without the added stress of daily sustenance.

According to Kuldip Ambekar, the president of Students Helping Hands Foundation, this collaborative effort has already benefited 350 students in Pune, and the numbers continue to rise. The foundation, a student-led organization in Pune, acts as a bridge between aspiring students and generous donors and organizations in Maharashtra. For students struggling to connect with donors and secure assistance, the Helping Hands Foundation plays a pivotal role, facilitating the outreach of helping hands to those in need.

Krushna Sathe, a Coordinator of Helping Hands Foundation, shared that the organization is providing monetary assistance of Rs 1500 to 100 needy students in Pune. Their comprehensive approach involves assessing the economic and social backgrounds of students, understanding their specific needs, and tailoring assistance accordingly. The foundation focuses particularly on students from drought-affected areas and the children of sugarcane cutter farmers. Importantly, there is no discrimination based on caste, religion, or gender in extending help to students.

Ambekar highlighted that the Helping Hands Foundation’s bus is stationed in front of the gates of Ferguson College, serving as a hub for distributing food to the 60 students twice a day, courtesy of the contributions from the Robinhood Army. He urged the people of Pune and the state to step forward and support these students in any way they can.

For those willing to contribute or get involved, the contact details are as follows:

– Email: studenthelpinghands25@gmail.com
– Phone: 8308183930, 9359249121

This collaborative effort between the Robinhood Army and Students Helping Hands Foundation exemplifies the spirit of community and empathy, making strides toward creating a more inclusive and supportive educational environment for students in Pune.