Pune: 81-Year-Old Fights Stage Four Cancer Successfully, Pursuing His Hobbies Now 

81 year-old cancer patient
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Pune, November 25, 2020: Nandan Kalbag, an 81-year-old man from Pune visited his oncologist from Ruby Hall Clinic and gifted him a small bamboo-made handicraft house. He made this house and gave it to the doctor as a token of thanks for his complete recovery from stage four colon cancer. 

Doctors mentioned that complete recovery at the age of 81 from stage four cancer is remarkable. Doctors also said that it is his determined and continuous efforts which made him emerge victorious in his fight against cancer. 

Kalbag not only fought the disease but also continued with his hobby of making home and landscape models made out of bamboo and cane. During the last three years when he was undergoing his cancer treatment, he was also making one model made of bamboo and cane every day. 

Bamboo house

Dr Minish Jain, the oncologist from Ruby Hall Clinic, said, “Kalbag was suffering from stage four colon cancer. His cancer had spread to the liver too. Many experts were not convinced to offer him treatment at this age. When he came to show me, I asked him whether he is ready to take all the chemotherapies and other medications. Because continuous treatment is very crucial. He showed complete willingness to take the entire treatment. He underwent 12 chemotherapy sessions. We gave him Folfox 6 chemotherapy. At this age, he is not only disease-free but also living an active life by pursuing his hobbies.”

He added, “At his age, many are not willing to start the treatment. He not only underwent the complete treatment, but he also pursued his daily activities and hobbies. Cancer treatment is a prolonged treatment and you need determined efforts to fight it back.” 

Kalbag said, “I am happy that I recovered completely and I am disease free now. I followed all the instructions given by the doctor. I used to always follow the treatment schedule. I followed a healthy diet and did some basic routine exercises. I am pursuing my hobby. Every day I make models made of cane and bamboo. I have even started teaching about handicraft at some centers in Pune.” 

Dr Chakor Vora, the consultant medical oncologist from Sassoon Hospital, said, “Many patients do not continue the treatment. Many have fear in mind when it comes to chemotherapy. But the determination showed by an 81-year-old cancer patient is remarkable. With the help of recent treatment options, it is possible to beat cancer and become disease-free, if we take correct and complete treatment.” 

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