Pune: A book on success stories of Diabetes Remission Released

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Pune, 5th February 2024: The book ‘Dr. Dixit Lifestyle: Master Key for Diabetes Remission’ based on the success stories of the ‘Dixit Lifestyle’ followers was released in a special program held at Dr K. H. Sancheti Auditorium, IMA House, Tilak Road recently. It was organized by the Association for Diabetes and Obesity REversal (ADORE) and the Infosys Foundation Diabetes Care Program.

Dignitaries like Dr Suresh Shinde; Senior Physician, Dr Jayant Navarange; Senior Pediatrician, Dr Jagannath Dixit; Chairman of ADORE Trust, and Pravin Kulkarni; Vice President of Infosys, Pune were present on the occasion. Members and trustees of the ADORE Trust were also present.

Many people across India, including the members of the Diabetes Reversal Counselling Centre, Pune who have successfully moved towards diabetes remission were felicitated with a memento, while some of them also narrated their success stories. The achievers among others included a gynecologist Dr Suhas Deshpande from Karad, a pediatrician Dr Suhas Choudhary from Kalyan, and a retired military officer Vitthal Thorat.

“The people whose success stories we heard today are role models for everybody around them. All the people who have seen success to date have strictly followed the diet and have made lifestyle changes. Even today, so many people are unaware that they have been diagnosed with diabetes. Therefore, this campaign of ‘World Free of Diabetes and Obesity’ is for every Indian, and as a responsible citizen of this country, I believe that we all should at least try this lifestyle for good and if it shows expected results, make it a habit and promote to others,” said Dr Jagannath Dixit. He also urged people to take advantage of this free campaign by visiting the Diabetes Reversal Counseling Centre at the Jangli Maharaj Road, Pune.

Dr Suresh Shinde highlighted how obesity and diabetes have constantly been affecting our society. “We eat more than required and multiple times in a day. If we have control over this, only then there’ll be a way out to prevent such diseases. As a society it is our responsibility to take forward this campaign of ‘World Free of Diabetes and Obesity’ started by Dr Dixit and spread it as much as possible,” he added.

Pravin Kulkarni said, “Reports show that 11-12 crore of Indians are diabetic, while 16 crore of them are pre-diabetic, and every 4 out of 10 people have some of the other problems related to obesity, blood pressure, etc. These days, even teenagers and school-going students are falling prey to being pre-diabetic or diabetic. That’s why I believe that immediate steps should be taken to curb such a big challenge ahead of us.” Infosys Foundation believed that lifestyle diseases should have lifestyle solutions. As prevention is better than cure, they’ve hence been supporting ADORE trust.

Dr Jayant Navarange emphasized following simple rules put forth by Dr Dixit for a better lifestyle. He also highlighted his participation in the ‘90-Day Weight Loss Challenge’ organized by Dr Dixit, and at the same time urged everyone to actively join it too.

Ar. Shatakshi Dasture has written the book in English, while Dr Ratnakar Gore and Dr Suhasini Bhalerao have contributed to the Marathi version of it. The book has 91 exemplary success stories.