False Alarm: Poona Hospital Receives Bomb Threat, Police Confirm No Threat Found

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Navi Peth, 2nd February 2024: A wave of panic swept through Poona Hospital in Navi Peth, Pune, after authorities received a bomb threat via a phone call on Thursday night. The incident prompted a swift response from the Pune City Police, who conducted a thorough inspection of the hospital premises. Fortunately, no explosive devices were discovered during the midnight examination.


The Pune police control room received a call at approximately Thursday midnight, alerting them to a supposed bomb planted within Poona Hospital. Responding promptly, the Vishram Bagh Police Station and the Bomb Detection And Disposal Squad (BDDS) were immediately notified. The unverified threat led to heightened tension in the vicinity, with rumors circulating about a potential bomb threat.



The BDDS meticulously combed the hospital premises, examining any suspicious items and conducting a thorough investigation that extended well into the wee hours. Despite the thorough search, no items resembling explosive devices were found on the hospital grounds.


Authorities later confirmed that the call to the police control room was a mischievous act, causing unwarranted panic and sparking a false alarm. The police are actively pursuing leads to identify and apprehend the individual responsible for the false bomb threat call.