Pune: ‘Aatman’ – Harmonizing Love, Mind & Sensation: An Artistic Fusion that Resonates with Human Senses

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Pune, 29th August 2023: Vesavar Art Gallery is back with yet another artistic marvel – ‘आत्मन’ – कला.. एक चिंतन…! (Aatman – Kala…Ek Chintan). The show is a remarkable blend of Love, Mind, & Sensation, crafted to resonate with the very essence of human senses.

Step into a world where art transcends traditional boundaries and touches the core of your being. ‘Aatman’ is not just an exhibition, it’s an amalgamation of emotions and intellect, designed to create an immersive experience like no other.

The group show features an impressive lineup of artists – Harshada Kolapkar, Lakshman Chavan, Ramesh Gujar – whose creations promise to leave an indelible mark on your artistic soul:

Harshada Arvind Kolapkar, an artist residing in Pune, draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, particularly the Konkan region. With 15 years of artistic experience, she combines Indian ornamentation and Western geometric shapes to create her distinct style. Influenced by coastal life, fisherwomen and nature, she seeks to convey the essence of Konkan through her artwork. For her proposed exhibition at Vesarvar Art Gallery, she envisions showcasing around 7 to 8 artworks under the same theme “Konkansmruti,’’ reflecting her concept of pictorial surface. She praises the gallery’s dedication to contemporary and new media art forms and aims to contribute to its esteemed standards.

Lakshman Chavan, a talented artist from Badlapur, is renowned for his abstract portraits that navigate the balance between perceiving familiar patterns and evoking empathy. His art, influenced by Indian history, notably Ajanta cave paintings and Khajuraho sculptures, exhibits elements of rhythm, form, and color harmony. Chavan’s work delves into themes of beauty, emotions, and human experience, employing a color palette that resonates with earthy tones. Through his art, he aims to convey the silent pain within the human consciousness and the journey towards profound understanding and knowledge. With a proposal to showcase around 9 to 10 artworks under the theme
“Swayavedan,’’ Chavan praises Vesavar Art Gallery’s dedication to promote contemporary art.

Ramesh Gujar’s paintings exude the resonating influence of Indian artistry. Guided by the intricate threads of Indian art, he has been captivated by the essence of those threads, seamlessly weaving their core into his artworks in a style harmonious with his individuality. The subjects he portrays are distinctly Indian—depicting the bond between mother and child, the essence of the Indian joint family—imbued with significant prominence. Over the span of twenty-five years, his unwavering dedication to the art has led him to carve out a distinct and unique style with his theme “Human Relationships.’’

Having dedicated a full quarter-century to his craft, Ramesh Gujar has embraced the canvas as a powerful instrument for communication. His paintings revolve around easily relatable themes—emotions, love, and positivity—qualities that form the very essence of his artistic creations.

Vesavar Art Gallery, a haven for art connoisseurs, is currently showcasing an awe-inspiring group show. The gallery’s ambiance is carefully curated to complement the essence of the showcased art pieces, creating an environment that encourages exploration and contemplation.

When: Ongoing till September 3

Where: Vesavar Art Gallery, MG Pune Central, East Street, Pune