Pune: Activist Vishwambhar Chaudhary’s Name Missing on Election Day

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Pune, 13th May 2024: Voting in the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha took place on Monday, with approximately 53 % of eligible voters participating in Maharashtra. However, there was a notably lower turnout observed in Shirur and Pune Lok Sabha Constituencies. Social activist Vishwambhar Chaudhary was among those unable to cast their vote.

Chaudhary, alongside lawyer Asim Sarode and Journalist Nikhil Wagle, conducted ‘Nirbhay Bano’ meetings throughout Maharashtra. He asserted that his commitment to democracy remains steadfast, a message he reiterated statewide through the Nirbhay Bano initiative. Despite his efforts, including rallying against the Mahayuti, Chaudhary expressed disappointment at being unable to vote in his constituency.

Chaudhary’s name was absent from the voter list, rendering him unable to participate in the electoral process. Long queues were witnessed at polling stations in Pune, and incidents of machine shutdown were reported in some areas. Furthermore, numerous individuals found their names missing from the voter list, echoing Chaudhary’s experience.

According to the information received, Chaudhary’s name was missing from the voter list. He visited two polling booths to check, but his name was nowhere to be found. Chaudhary had to leave without being able to cast his vote. As per Chaudhary’s account, his name was listed in the voter list a year ago, raising questions as to why it was omitted on polling day.