Pune: Aditya Breeze Park Society Inaugurates 75 KW Solar Power Plant, Leads Green Initiative in Balewadi

Rooftop Solar Power Generation Thriving in Western Maharashtra
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Balewadi, 28th March 2024: Balewadi societies have taken proactive steps towards fostering a “Green Initiative” and promoting “Green Balewadi”. Recently, Aditya Breeze Park Society initiated a significant solar power project, installing a 75 KW solar power plant. The inauguration of this project was honoured by the presence of Pankaj Tagalpallewar, Superintending Engineer at MSEDCL.

During the ceremony, Tagalpallewar enlightened attendees about various government schemes aimed at promoting renewable energy utilization and encouraged widespread participation. Additionally, the Balewadi Welfare Federation provided insights into environmental conservation and launched awareness campaigns aligned with this endeavour.

Situated near Dussehra Chowk, Aditya Breeze Park Society comprises 5 buildings and 23 row houses. Previously burdened with a monthly electricity bill amounting to Rs. 1,75,000, the society anticipates a significant reduction to approximately Rs. 25,000 owing to the newly installed solar power plant. This translates to an annual savings of Rs. 18 lakhs.

The society invested Rs. 42 lakhs to establish the solar power plant, generating 350 units of electricity daily. Residents now utilize this sustainable energy source for public amenities, including lifts, clubhouses, swimming pools, gyms, gardens, playgrounds, and more.

Furthermore, the society has embraced various initiatives such as water purification projects, rainwater harvesting, and wet waste management to promote environmental sustainability.

Yogendra Singh, President of the Society Board, highlighted these efforts, with the presence of officials and members from the Balewadi Welfare Federation further underscoring collective commitment to green initiatives.

Manas Sharma, Secretary of Aditya Breeze Park Society, introduced the project, while Treasurer Manoj Kumar extended gratitude to all involved stakeholders.