Pune: After Election Commission Order, PMC To Prepare Draft One Member Ward Structure In A Month 

PMC Pune
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Pune, 25/08/2021: As per the instructions of the State Election Commission, a draft plan of formation of one member ward for the upcoming elections of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will be prepared in a month. The administration has made all preparations in that regard.


Ward composition will be prepared according to the 2011 population for the upcoming municipal elections. According to the 2011 census, the population of Pune city and the villages included is around 35 lakhs. Accordingly, wards will be reserved according to the population of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. A preliminary plan for the formation of a one-member ward for the upcoming Pune Municipal Corporation elections will be prepared in a month, said Election Officer Ajit Deshmukh.


Number of corporators will be 166 in PMC

The number of corporators in Pune Municipal Corporation has increased to 164. Now 23 villages are included in the municipal limits. The villages have a population of 1 lakh 90 thousand as per 2011 census. Therefore, despite the inclusion of 23 villages, the number of corporators will increase as per the rules.


One member ward will have a population of 21 thousand 423

The average population of the ward will be determined according to the formula of the total population and the total number of corporators in the municipal area. Accordingly, one member ward will have a population of 21 thousand 423. It can accommodate 10% less or 10% more of the ward population. Accordingly, the ward will have a minimum population of 19,281 and a maximum population of 23,565.

No OBC reservation

Women have 50 per cent reservation in local body elections. As per this reservation, out of 166, there will be 83 women corporators. There will be 22 seats reserved for Scheduled Castes and 2 for Scheduled Tribes. However, the reservation of Backward Classes (OBCs) has been postponed. Therefore, there will be no reservation for OBCs in this ward structure.


The country did not have a census due to the corona epidemic. Therefore, the population of 2011 will be taken into account. Its impact will be on the increase in the number of corporators. According to the 2011 census, Pune has a population of 35 lakhs. But voter registration has begun. Therefore, the population is 35 lakhs and the electorate is 32 lakhs.