Pune: After FIR For Abusing PMC Officer, Congress MLA Dhangekar Accuses BJP Of Falsely Implicating Him In Legal Troubles

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Tikam Shekhawat

Shivajinagar, 30th January 2024: In a press conference held today at the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Congress MLA Ravindra Dhangekar addressed a series of serious allegations and challenges that have recently unfolded against him.

Dhangekar began by acknowledging, “A case has been registered against me yesterday,” revealing the legal hurdle he is currently facing. He continued, shedding light on a protest meeting organized by the municipal employees’ union against him. Dhangekar stated, “The protest that took place yesterday is wrong and illegal.”

Highlighting the obstacles he encountered, the MLA shared, “The District Collector has already issued a letter saying that protests cannot be held here.” He added, “There is a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in this premises, so no political party can hold any political program there. No meetings, marches, and agitations can be held in that place.”

Accusing municipal officials, Dhangekar asserted, “File a case against the municipal officials. They did not take any permission (for protest). Yesterday’s meeting was illegal.”

He claimed that the decision to inaugurate the water tank had been collectively made, but the PMC officer Jagtap proceeded without proper authorization, turning the event into what he described as “BJP-like.”

Expressing his grievances, Dhangekar alleged, “Officials were BJP loyalists. They deliberately blocked me. Our leaders have been beaten.” He went on to accuse the Pune police of conspiring against him, stating, “This is an old plan of the police; they are trying to deliberately put me in jail by filing a case.”

Dhangekar linked the recent legal actions against him to the Lalit Patil drugs case. He said, “Police are taking action against me because I am bringing everything forward in the Lalit Patil case.”

Defending his actions, he stated, “The abuse from me was the anger and emotions of the workers. FIRs are being filed against me knowingly because of my growing popularity and the work I am doing.”

Accusing the BJP, Dhangekar claimed, “On the orders of BJP, a case has been registered against me by falsely accusing me. These people have been giving me trouble since 8 months.”

Addressing the imposition of FIR for offence under IPC section 353 (obstructing public servant from discharging official duty), Dhangekar argued, “Imposition of IPC section 353 is wrong. I cannot be stopped being a people’s representative. I am not sorry that the police have registered the case at the behest of the BJP.”

In conclusion, he reflected on the repeated legal challenges, stating, “First, a case was registered; I became an MLA. Now, a case has been registered again. Let’s see what happens. The situation is that there is no work in the municipal corporation. The police have become the underdogs of the BJP.”

On the topic of BJP MLA Kamble, Dhangekar accused the BJP of injustice, claiming, “BJP people are doing injustice every day. BJP people are working to get a tender in the municipality. Commissioner has opened the coffers for BJP. Action will be taken against me because I do not belong to BJP.”