Pune: Breath-Taking Para Jumps Mark Bombay Sappers’ War Memorial Centenary at Dighi Hills

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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 30th January 2024: The Dighi Hills recently hosted a spectacular display of para jumps, showcasing the daring prowess of serving and veteran personnel from The Bombay Sappers. The event, marking the centenary of the iconic War Memorial of the Bombay Sappers Group, witnessed over 100 paratroopers from the elite 411 (Independent) Para Field Company, including seven senior veterans, engaging in static line and free fall jumps.

Commemorating the Reunion, a quadrennial gathering of the entire Bombay Sapper fraternity, the display was a testament to the commitment and courage ingrained in the officers and troops. More than a hundred paratroopers soared through the skies, symbolizing the secure present and a meticulously planned future, while veterans, led by the 75-year-old former Engineer-in-Chief Lt Gen RR Goswami, embodied the unwavering grit of The Bombay Sappers to deliver at any cost. Brig SR Mazgaonkar (74), Brig RG Divekar (66), and former Central Army Commander Lt Gen Yogendra Dimri (61) defied age to participate in this remarkable showcase of bravery and camaraderie.

Accompanying the paratroopers were Paramotor pilots who recently completed the East-West Kutch to Kibithu Paramotor expedition as a tribute to the War Memorial’s Centenary. Their low-level flying and acrobatics captivated the audience at Dighi Hills.

The festive atmosphere at Dighi Hills, serving as a training area for the Bombay Sappers, included traditional Gatka and Malkhamb displays that enthralled a diverse audience, including school and college children, serving and veteran officers, JCOs, Other Ranks, and their families.

Adding to the excitement, a Physical Training display by the BEG instructors showcased remarkable agility and grace, leaving everyone in awe. BEG Commandant Brig Dilip Patwardhan, after completing the jump, emphasized the significance of the War Memorial, referring to it as a “Shraddha Sthaan,” a symbol of sacrifice, valor, and selfless service. Erected in February 1923, the Memorial, also the logo of The Bombay Sappers, has recently been expanded to include the names of gallant bravehearts who made the Supreme Sacrifice for the Nation.

The scenic backdrop of the hills and the pristine Gurnam Lake nearby provided the perfect setting for joy and celebration by these real-life heroes, who unhesitatingly sacrifice their today for our tomorrow.