Pune Air Quality Improves In Last Few Days

Pune Flat Real estate Porwal Road
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Pune, 5th August 2021: Here is good news! The Air Quality in Pune is good for the last few days and is to remain satisfactory for the next 72 hours.

The Air Quality Forecast by SAFAR- Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorological (IITM) noted that the air quality is good and will remain satisfactory. Pune which is among the top polluted cities in the country however is having ‘good air quality’, due to less industrial and vehicular activity.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board observations, the pollutants should not be more than 80 cubic meters in density. However, it was noted that the majority of the time, the air pollutants rise above 100 cubic meters.

“Rainfall is one of the reasons for less air pollution”, said the officials.