Pune Airport Customs Seize 4.2 Kg of Gold In last One Year

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Reported By Sumit Singh

Pune, 3rd June 2024: The Pune Airport Customs Department has been actively intercepting illegal activities, registering a total of 11 cases involving the smuggling of gold and currency between 2023 and 2024.

In this period, customs officials seized 4.2 kilograms of gold valued at approximately Rs 2.63 Crore Additionally, three cases involved the confiscation of currency amounting to Rs 1.6 crore .

From January to May 2024, the department recorded 4 cases, seizing 1,879.28 grams of gold worth Rs 12.2 million. In the same timeframe, $17,500 was also confiscated, with one case valued at Rs 14.46 lakhs.

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Pune Customs Commissioner Yashodhan Wanage told Punekar News,”We have been continuously taking action at Pune airport to prevent illegal smuggling of gold and currency.”