Pune Police Receive Porsche Vehicle Inspection Report, ‘No Defect’ Found

Porsche Car
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Reported by Sumit Singh

Pune, 3rd June 2024: The Pune City Police have received the vehicle inspection report for the Porsche Taycan involved in a fatal accident in Kalyaninagar on May 19, which resulted in the deaths of two IT professionals.

The report, compiled by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) with input from Porsche company officials, confirms that the vehicle had no defects or technical issues at the time of the accident.

On May 19, a teenager from Pune driving the Porsche Taycan fatally struck the bike of IT professionals. The car company’s assessment indicated that the vehicle was mechanically sound, ruling out any malfunctions as a cause of the accident.

Previously, Maharashtra transport officials revealed that the luxury car’s permanent registration had been pending since March. The delay was due to the vehicle’s owner, the father of the accused teenager, not paying a fee of Rs 1,758. This fee comprised Rs 1,500 for hypothecation, Rs 200 for the smart card RC, and Rs 58 for postal charges.