Pune: Ajit Pawar’s Rally in Shirur Raises Eyebrows, Amol Kolhe and Supriya Sule Responds to ‘Natsamrat’ Remark

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Pune, 15th April 2024: Two days ago, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar of the Nationalist Congress Party led a rally to campaign for former MP Shivajirao Adhalarao Patil, Mahayuti’s candidate for the Shirur Lok Sabha constituency. During the rally, Pawar took a jab at current MP Amol Kolhe by questioning whether the constituents wanted an “acting MP or a Drama King (Natsamrat) MP.”

Amol Kolhe responded to Ajit Pawar’s criticism with a tweet, asserting that he might not know about being a drama king, but he is a “self-made king.” Kolhe emphasized that he has become a doctor and actor through his accomplishments and not because of his familial connections.

Supriya Sule, another prominent leader, also reacted to the situation. She expressed disappointment in the remarks made by Ajit Pawar and praised Amol Kolhe as a cultured representative of the people. Sule highlighted Kolhe’s outstanding work in Parliament and his significant development efforts in his constituency. She concluded by suggesting that the focus should remain on Kolhe’s achievements and performance rather than personal attacks.