Pune: Altercation Over Mobile Phone Ends in Stabbing Incident Among Friends in Kalewadi

Wakad police station
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Kalewadi, 6th February 2024: In an incident that transpired on Monday afternoon (5th) in Kalewadi, tensions escalated between friends culminating in a violent altercation over the refusal to hand over a mobile phone. The altercation resulted in one friend stabbing the other using a Koyta.

Following the altercation, the victim, a young woman, promptly reported the incident to the authorities, leading to the registration of a case at the Wakad police station. The accused, identified as Avinash Shivaji Lokhande, aged 30 and hailing from Bhosari, is now facing legal repercussions.

Police investigations have revealed that the accused entered the victim’s residence while she was engaged in a phone conversation at her mother-in-law’s house. Upon attempting to seize the phone from her, the victim refused, provoking the accused. Subsequently, in a fit of rage, the accused allegedly stabbed the victim in the neck with a Koyta, causing severe injuries. Moreover, when the victim’s sister intervened to protect her, she too sustained injuries, as the accused reportedly stabbed her on the cheek with the same weapon.

The Wakad police have registered a case of attempted murder against the accused and are investigating the matter further.