Pune: Amazon Parcels In Godowns As Delivery Persons Go On Strike For Their Demands Related To Commission, Insurance Etc

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Pune, 18th March 2021: The delivery persons from Amazon are on a strike in Pune, demanding an increase in rates, an insurance claim for everyone, and not making KYC compulsory for everyone. This has led to parcels at the Amazon office in the city piling up. 

The delivery persons said that they will not call off the strike despite a lot of pressure from the company. The delivery persons have given the warning to the company. 

Amazon is the world’s leading online delivery company. People nowadays prefer to buy items from e-commerce companies like Amazon.

There are about 1,000 to 1,500 delivery persons working for Amazon in the city. Each works for about 8 to 10 hours and delivers around 80 to 100 parcels during the day. The delivery persons start work from 7 am. If the delivery of any parcel is left then they work overtime. 

“We have to face many problems. We have to go to every person’s door to deliver the parcel or else the customers complain to the company. Not only this, if we do not deliver the parcel on time, we have to work overtime and deliver the parcel,” said one of the delivery persons. 

Yet none of the delivery persons has quit the job. They give 100 per cent to their work. New delivery persons get Rs 10,000 per month with many conditions imposed by the company. The company had also reduced that per parcel rate in the interim. 

Ultimatums from the company

The stock of goods at the company’s office is growing due to the strike. Millions of homes in the city are awaiting these items. The delivery persons informed that they are getting ultimatums from the company to call off the strike and report to work. 

“If you don’t come to work, you will be fired,” the company manager or the supervisor allegedly told the protesting delivery persons.

Demands laid down by the delivery persons

– Parcels delivered through vans should be charged Rs 35 per parcel.

– Small parcels should be charged Rs 20 per parcel.

– IHS should pay Rs 25 per parcel.

– Payment of Rs 20 per parcel to a two-wheeler delivery person

– Payment of Rs 70-80 for a van.

– Payment Rs 480 for 20-25 wallets.

– Not everyone insists on KYC.

– Insurance claim for all delivery persons.