Pune: Amit Thackeray Leads Student Movement For Better Facilities, Demands Action From SPPU

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Pune, 23rd February 2024: In anticipation of the upcoming elections, all parties have begun to outline their strategies. In line with this, the Maharashtra Navnirman Vidhyarthi Sena, affiliated with the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), has initiated various activities in Pune.

Amit Thackeray, son of Raj Thackeray, has been actively involved in engaging with students and youth on the streets of Pune. Amit Thackeray, a leader of the MNS, has launched the ‘Dhadak Morcha’ in Pune to address the diverse demands of students at Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).

Amit Thackeray has been organizing various activities in Pune city for the past few days. Now, the focus is on youth issues raised by the MNS. A delegation of Maharashtra Navnirman Vidhyarthi Sena has submitted a memorandum to the university authorities under the leadership of Amit Thackeray. At that time, Sharmila Thackeray and Bala Nandgaonkar were present.

The process of constructing new hostels should start immediately, and the university should provide employment opportunities in academic institutions. The university should ensure proper food for students and address various demands raised by the Maharashtra Navnirman Vidhyarthi Sena.

In the coming days, elections for the student council of each university will be held, with a focus on addressing student issues. They have also made it clear that the university will be given a certain period to fulfil the demands of the students, otherwise, there will be strong agitation.

The demands include ensuring the timely issuance of necessary documents for students studying abroad or in other states, transitioning all services provided by student convenience centres to online platforms, addressing concerns regarding hostel conditions and the quality of food in mess facilities, enhancing the overall standards of hostels, advocating for female representation in disciplinary committees, establishing job security for graduates, initiating a dedicated placement department and portal along with organizing job fairs, addressing campus unrest caused by harassment, bullying, and substance abuse through strict regulations, providing fee waivers for students affected by natural disasters, ensuring the availability of essential documents for students in Nashik and city sub-centres, immediately commencing the construction of new hostels, and recognizing the importance of a Marathi language building.