Pune: Amrit Bharat Railway Scheme Drives Pune Division’s Station Revitalization

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Pune, 18th October 2023: The Pune Division of the Central Railway is making rapid progress in the redevelopment of Chinchwad, Dehuroad, and Uruli railway stations, driven by the Amrit Bharat Railway Scheme. A total of Rs 41.32 crore in funds has been allocated for these transformative projects.

Chinchwad station has been allocated a substantial Rs 20.40 crore, while Dehuroad and Uruli stations have received Rs 8.05 crore and Rs 12.87 crore, respectively, to facilitate comprehensive improvements. These endeavours are aimed at enhancing passenger experiences and ensuring the modernization and development of these vital railway stations.

Under the Amrit Bharat Railway Scheme, the Pune Division is currently revitalizing 16 stations. The strategy for each station’s development is meticulously designed, considering the daily footfall of passengers and the existing station layout. A key focus is to create passenger-oriented facilities, encompassing both the station’s exterior and interior.

Significant progress has been made at Chinchwad station, where the platform covering work is well underway. Furthermore, foundation work is in progress for constructing much-needed restroom facilities. Dehuroad station is also seeing expedited development, with rapid progress on the platform covering.

Uruli station’s redevelopment is in full swing, with the completion of excavation and foundation work. Efforts are also directed towards the construction of restrooms, station area improvements, a new entrance, and the establishment of a parking lot. Notably, the covering will be added to the platforms, enhancing passenger comfort.

Additionally, Kolhapur station’s transformation is gaining momentum, with Rs 43 crore allocated for the comprehensive redevelopment. The project has seen the demolition of the old structures, and the station will now feature two new entrances, two lifts, two escalators, and platform coverings. A dedicated waiting room for passengers is also in the plans.

The Central Railway’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience of passengers is evident in these redevelopment efforts. The projects aim to make railway travel more efficient, convenient, and comfortable, ensuring that the needs of passengers are at the forefront of these developments.


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