Pune: Food Prices At Pune Airport Raise Concerns Among Passengers

Pune airport
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Varad Bhatkhande

Viman Nagar, 18th October 2023: Recent reports have highlighted the exorbitant prices that passengers are required to pay for food items at Pune Airport. The grievances extend to a wide array of food products, with passengers expressing their discontent over the hefty prices they encounter while travelling.

In particular, the prices of a sandwich have raised eyebrows, with passengers reportedly shelling out a substantial Rs 350 for this in-flight meal option. The cost of a cup of machine tea is equally startling, standing at Rs 150. These prices have irked travellers, who are further dismayed by the revelation that these food items are not freshly prepared but rather pre-packaged, which, in turn, impacts their quality.

One passenger took to social media to share his experience, outlining the steep costs he incurred for a seemingly stale sandwich and machine-made tea at Pune Airport. Upon questioning the vendor, it was revealed that they had to pay a staggering ten lakh rupees per month to the airport administration, potentially contributing to the high food prices.

This issue has sparked a surge of passengers sharing similar experiences, echoing their grievances regarding the quality and prices of airport food. Many have expressed that the food available at airport vendors lacks freshness and is, instead, pre-made. Some travellers even noted that airport food prices surpass those of cinemas, deepening the discontent.

Airport authorities are taking note of these concerns and are vowing to take action if any food vendor is found to be charging excessively high rates. It is worth mentioning that the same seller had been fined Rs 10,000 in the past. If found guilty once again, further action will be taken. Additionally, airport authorities have instructed vendors to offer affordable drinking water and food options to passengers. All vendors have been mandated to prominently display food prices for transparency and ease of reference.


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