Pune: Ashok Pawar Requests For More Buses From Shirur

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Pune, 9th March 2023: During COVID, the number of buses was lowered from 70 to 43, greatly inconveniencing the public in Pune.

In a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Shirur constituency Legislator Ashok Pawar asked for more frequent bus departures from the Shirur bus depot.

According to the letter, 70 buses left the Shirur bus station in 2019, but only 43 did so during COVID. The current temperature, which is 43, is a major annoyance for the people. Students and daily commuters who work in various parts of Shirur occasionally have to wait longer than four hours for a bus since the frequency of the bus is much lower than that of the passengers.

15 additional buses have been requested by Pawar for the Shirur depot.