Pune: Aundh Residents Protest with Candle March After Elderly Citizen Murdered During Morning Walk

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Aundh, 15th June 2024: In a somber and powerful demonstration of community solidarity, residents of Aundh organized a candle march today to protest the brutal murder of an elderly citizen during his morning walk. The incident, which has shocked the local community, occurred on Thursday at 5:15 am near Parihar Chowk on D P Road.

Sameer Roy Chowdhury, a 77-year-old resident of Sayali Garden, Aundh, was attacked by a group of six individuals, including four minors. They hit him on the head with an iron rod in an attempt to procure money for buying liquor. The unprovoked assault led to his untimely death, leaving the community in mourning and raising serious concerns about public safety in the area.

In addition to the tragic murder of Chowdhury, the same group of assailants was involved in two other violent incidents shortly after. At the Poorvika mobile phone showroom near Maan Dairy two more residents, identified as Shreyas Shetty (30) and Ramsobit Kumar Mandal (38), were seriously injured. Fortunately, they survived the attacks, but the incidents have left the community on edge.

The candle march was organized to pay respects to the late Roy Chowdhury and to protest against the perceived inaction of the police and administration in ensuring the safety of Aundh and Baner residents. The event saw a large turnout, with participants carrying candles and placards, demanding justice and better security measures.

Advocate Dr. Madhukar Musale, one of the key organizers, spoke about the need for immediate action. “Considering the seriousness of the cowardly attack on late Sameer Roy Chowdhury, I had spoken to Senior Police Inspector Ajay Kulkarni of Chaturshingi Police Station and requested him to start patrolling of the police car in Parihar Chowk and surrounding areas from 5 am for the safety of the citizens. Inspector Kulkarni immediately agreed to this request,” said Dr. Musale.

Dr. Kishor Modkharkar emphasized the role of parents in preventing such incidents. “Parents must keep a watch on their children about their company,” he advised, highlighting the need for community vigilance.

Malhari Murkute, a resident who has faced similar attacks in the past, expressed his frustration. “I too hit them in self-defence when I was attacked. I believe the police give them tacit support, which is why the children from nearby slums dare to harass people after being drunk,” Murkute claimed, pointing to a deeper issue of recurring violence.

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Milind Joshi, another resident, voiced his anger at the police’s response. “Police say that it is a tragic death, but I believe it is a gruesome murder. Police must have control over criminal elements; only then can people feel safe,” Joshi stated, calling for stricter law enforcement.

The candle march not only served as a tribute to Roy Chowdhury but also as a wake-up call for the authorities to take immediate and effective action to ensure the safety and security of Aundh residents. The community’s united stand highlights their determination to bring about change and protect their neighborhood from further violence.