Pune: Authorities Reclaim Railway Land Worth 5 Crores In Shivajinagar And Khadki, Encroachments Removed

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 2nd June 2023: In an effort to eradicate illegal encroachments on railway land between Shivajinagar and Khadki railway stations, a major drive was carried out on 1st June. The operation successfully removed 150-200 unauthorized huts, which were occupying approximately 550 x 20 meters of railway land. The market value of the reclaimed land is estimated at Rs 5 crores.

The encroachment removal drive was executed under the supervision of Senior Divisional Security Commissioner/Railway Protection Force Pune and Assistant Security Commissioner/RPF. The operation involved the cooperation of the Engineering Department, 50 gangmen, 30 personnel from the RPF, GRP, and Pune police, as well as the use of four JCB machines. The joint effort lasted for over 8 hours, resulting in the successful clearance of the encroachments.

This significant action sets a precedent for regular future campaigns aimed at maintaining encroachment-free railway premises. By addressing and removing unauthorized structures on railway land, the authorities aim to ensure the safety and efficiency of railway operations, as well as protect the value of these valuable assets.

Illegal encroachments on railway land pose numerous risks, including compromising the structural integrity of tracks, hindering maintenance and inspection activities, and potentially leading to accidents. Clearing these encroachments not only reclaims public property but also creates a safer environment for commuters and railway staff.

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The joint operation was a testament to the coordinated efforts of various departments and agencies involved. The Engineering Department played a crucial role in identifying and facilitating the removal of encroachments, while the Railway Security Force, GRP, and local police provided security and logistical support throughout the operation. The utilization of JCB machines expedited the process and ensured the successful completion of the task within the designated timeframe.

The railway authorities have emphasized that such proactive measures will continue to be implemented regularly. These efforts demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of railway premises and preserving the value of railway assets. Additionally, ongoing campaigns to prevent encroachments will serve as a deterrent, sending a clear message that illegal occupation of railway land will not be tolerated.
The successful removal of unauthorized encroachments on railway land between Shivajinagar and Khadki stations marks a significant achievement in the ongoing efforts to safeguard railway infrastructure.


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