Pune: Balbharati Incurs Expenditure of Rs 71 Crore for Production of Integrated Textbooks, Set to Be Reimbursed

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Pune, 31st March 2024: The education department’s decision to distribute integrated textbooks with blank pages across four parts marked a significant initiative in the academic year. Balbharati, the organization responsible for the production of these textbooks, incurred an expenditure of Rs. 71 crores 40 lakh 26 thousand for this endeavour. However, this expenditure is set to be reimbursed to Balbharati through the reallocation of unspent and saved funds.


The Maharashtra Government’s decision, released by the Ministry of School Education, outlined the distribution of these integrated textbooks to students from classes II to VIII across Maharashtra as a pilot project. Balbharti undertook the production of these textbooks, ensuring their availability to students.


Approval has been granted to utilize unspent funds amounting to Rs. 15 crore 45 lakh 7 thousand 230 from the fund allocated for uniforms, shoes, and socks by the Maharashtra Primary Education Council. This allocation will facilitate the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by Balbharti.


Moreover, the Ministry of School Education has sanctioned the distribution of Rs. 55 crore 95 lakh 19 thousand to Balbharati from the savings accrued by the end of the 2023-24 fiscal year. This concerted effort aims to support Balbharati’s financial sustainability and ensure the continued provision of educational resources to students across Maharashtra.