Pune based Author Ajay K Pandey’s book, ‘A Girl to Remember’ all set to be declared a Bestseller

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Pune, December 19 2018: A Girl to Remember a book by an IT professional and travel enthusiast turned bestselling author Ajay K Pandey was released nationally recently. The book is now all set to be decalred as a national bestseller and soon be going into the second round of print.

The author, Ajay K Pandey aspired to be a teacher, but destiny brought him to the IT field. He currently works with Cognizant in Pune and makes time to follow his passion for writing. Ajay Pandey’s new book A Girl to Remember is published by Srishti Publishers, India’s leading publication house, and is priced at Rs. 195 /- .

A Girl to Remember is a roller coaster of emotions and explores relationships from the perspective of a teenager, a young man, and a widow quite older to him. In a country where social taboos and social image change the course of lives, Ajay’s book makes the reader stop and think of where we need to change. A story of love at its very core, it’s an electrifying read that shows us how confession can be the best punishment. It also explores passionate romance, loss, and infatuation in a polished narrative that leaves you asking for more. The characters are lovable, hatable and even relatable, but most of all – they are one among us, and a truly thrilling read.

A Girl to Remember is available at all leading book stores across the country. It was ranked #1 in Indian Literature within a day of opening of pre-orders, reflecting its popularity among all books available on Amazon.in. The book has maintained a consistent position on all leading online and offline portals ever since.

“I have been getting messages from the readers about how the story has made them laugh, cry and smile all the way. It’s a delight to know that people are liking this rare story that tells us how faith works wonders. This book is very different from the previous books I have written, and I hope more and more readers like it. Plus, working with Srishti again has been a great experience,” said Ajay Pandey.

Ajay’s first book You are the Best Wife was published by Srishti Publishers in 2015, and went on to become a bestseller. It was based on his real life story and made it straight to the hearts of his readers. One of the rare titles to retain 4.5 stars after close to three thousand reviews. It is the first Indian commercial fiction to be acquired by New World Press (NWP) – a leading publisher in China – for a translation into Chinese.

Ajay’s stories have continued to charm his readers. His second book Her Last Wish only expanded the fan base and made his place in the bestseller list unmovable. Charmed by his writing style and sensitive treatment of stories, his readers have applauded his You are the Best Friend and are enthusiastically reading the latest one too.

“We have been getting great response on this book from sellers and readers alike. Ajay has always written stories of love, and we are glad that it was on #1 bestseller on Amazon after pre-orders opened. It is already on its way to top various other bestseller charts across online and offline stores, and we hope it continues to charm readers”– Arup Bose, Publisher at Srishti Publishers

Ajay is fond of travelling, trekking, and teaching, and is deeply associated with various social work organizations. He makes it a point to individually connect with and respond to all his readers, making him a personal favourite for many, and introducing several others to the world of reading too.