Pune-Based Vocalis Ketaki Mategaonkar’s Songs To Reach All Music Universities Around The World

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Pune, 3rd June 2022: Pune based vocalist, Ketaki Mategaonkar will be participating in the music album – Raagopanishadh’ which has been produced to mark the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence. Ketaki has sung along with senior and leading singers from across the country in this album and she is the youngest vocalist in the group.

The music album has been envisaged by musician Dr. Bharat Balvalli and produced by the Government of India. It features Indian classical music and ancient Bandishes from India. Veteran and leading singers like Hariharan, Rashid Khan, Pt. Venkatesh Kumar, Devaki Pandit, Sonu Nigam, Javed Ali, Aarti Anklikar-Tikekar, Sadhana Sargam and Jaswinder Narula have sung in this album. Many of the ancient Bandishes have been performed in an effort to pass on this legacy to music universities around the world. This is Ketaki’s first album of classical music singing and she has performed Bandish- Raag Sameri in it.

Raagopanishadh is a manuscript containing ancient manuscripts preserved for centuries. Originally composed by Jain Sadhu Bhagwant and Muni in the form of 24 raagmalas, it mentions 58 different raags, about 350-400 year old paintings depicting these raags, 380 verses composed of 91 ragas dedicated to devotional worship, descriptions of 126 different ragas and pictures and descriptions of a total of 154 instruments. The album will be presented by the Government of India to all the leading music universities in the world as a memento for the promotion of Indian music.

“This is my first album in classical music and it was a great experience. It is a great pleasure to represent Indian classical music on the world stage,” Said Ketaki.”