Pune: ‘Be Careful After Reaching Mumbai’ – Manoj Jarange Patil Urges Caution Among Maratha Reservation Supporters

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Lonavala, 25th January 2024: Manoj Jarange Patil’s march advocating for Maratha community reservation from the OBC category has reached Lonavala today. The protest is gaining momentum as it moves towards Mumbai. Patil has been steadfast in his demand for the Maratha reservation and has urged the community to remain vigilant.

Addressing the gathering in Lonavala, Jarange Patil emphasized the need for caution as the march progresses towards Mumbai. He called on Maratha agitators to act as volunteers, maintaining peace and refraining from engaging in any violence. Patil urged the community members to avoid falling prey to rumours and external pressures.

Despite the government’s attempts to engage in discussions and prevent the march from reaching Mumbai, Jarange Patil remains resolute in his demands. The government’s delegation has been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement with Patil, leading to the continuation of the march towards its destination.

Upon reaching Lonavala, Jarange Patil was welcomed by the Maratha community with jubilation. The support for the march has been evident, reflecting the community’s solidarity in the pursuit of their reservation rights.

Jarange Patil’s instructions to the community include engaging in peaceful protests and maintaining order during the agitation in Azad Maidan. He urged everyone to focus on their responsibilities, ensuring the well-being of the participants. The appeal emphasized not resorting to violence and actively discouraging any attempts to spread rumours.

As the march proceeds towards Mumbai, the government’s efforts to dissuade and engage in discussions with Jarange Patil have not yet yielded results.