Pune: False Promises and Potholes – High Court Intervenes in Bakori Road Crisis

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Wagholi, 25th January 2024: The Bombay High Court has taken cognizance of the incomplete Bakori Road in Pune, as highlighted in PIL No 7840/2023, titled “WAGHOLI HOUSING SOCIETIES ASSOCIATION Vs PUNE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION THROUGH ITS COMMISSIONER AND ORS.”


The PIL, heard on 24.01.2023, by the bench headed by Chief Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhyaya and Justice Arif S Doctor, addressed the apathy faced by the region’s residents due to the incomplete Bakori Road. The bench has ordered the concerned authorities – Pune Municipal Corporation, PMRDA, Urban Development Department, District Collector, and Town Planning Department – to file their affidavits by 28.02.2024.


The story revolves around the Bakori Road, existing only on paper for over a decade, impacting the lives of 35,000 residents. Despite protests, meetings with authorities, and representations since 2013, the road remains unconstructed. The Wagholi Housing Societies Association (WHSA), representing the affected residents, has turned to the Bombay High Court for relief.


The Bakori Road, crucial for the connectivity of the neighborhood, is fraught with dangers, featuring large potholes and incomplete stretches, posing risks to both vehicles and pedestrians. The Development Plan for Wagholi, prepared by PMRDA and Pune Municipal Corporation, is awaiting sanction by the Urban Development Department. Shockingly, the entire Bakori Road has seen no progress despite a decade-long struggle.


The issue arises from unfulfilled promises made by builders and developers to the residents, resulting in 8000 constructed flats and 35,000 residents suffering due to the lack of Bakori Road. The WHSA challenges the inaction of the Pune Municipal Corporation and PMRDA in this matter, emphasizing the impact on a significant population.


Residents express relief at the High Court’s involvement, stating that the bureaucratic inaction has left them with no choice but to seek justice through legal channels.


Sanjeev Patil, Director of WHSA, highlights the longstanding issue, blaming a nexus between builders and plan-sanctioning authorities for the residents’ plight. The lack of a constructed Bakori Road has turned into a serious safety concern, with daily accidents and delays for commuters.


Satya Muley, Advocate Bombay High Court, representing the petitioners, condemns the false promises made by local authorities and builders, emphasizing the residents’ right to life under Article 21 of the Constitution. The PIL seeks to enforce fundamental rights, urging the court to address the negligence of the authorities.