Pune: Bhide Wada Site Set to Become a National Memorial with Rs 50 Crore Allocated by Maharashtra State Government

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Pune, 7th December 2023: Following the successful takeover of the Bhide Wada site by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the process of developing a new building has commenced, marking a significant milestone after a 13-year court battle. The Bhide Wada was deemed to be a dangerous building during the court case and was recently demolished by the PMC.

In a positive development, the Maharashtra State Government has allocated Rs 50 crore for the reconstruction and development of the Bhide Wada site. This financial provision is expected to facilitate the timely initiation of construction activities.

The Bhide Wada site holds historical importance as it was the place where Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule established the first school for girls in the country in 1848. In acknowledgement of this historical significance, a national memorial is set to be erected on the site.

The PMC has secured 3 thousand square feet of space for the memorial, which will be constructed over three floors. The memorial is envisioned to include classrooms, a museum, a study hall, a small auditorium, a cafeteria, and other facilities. PMC invited plans from five architects, and four submissions have been received.

A preliminary discussion was conducted today with Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakne to review the architectural plans. Following a comprehensive discussion with the Commissioner, a final plan will be selected, and subsequent actions will be taken to move the project forward.


According to municipal officials, the estimated cost for the construction of this historical monument is around Rs. 10 crores. However, considering the incorporation of historical forms and modern tools, this cost could potentially increase. The allocated Rs 50 crore by the Maharashtra state government is deemed sufficient to cover the expenses and ensure the successful completion of the project.