Pune: Two More Police Officers Dismissed From Service For Aiding Drugs Kingpin Lalit Patil Escape

Lalit Patil
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Pune, 7th December 2023: Police Sub-Inspector Mohini Avinash Dongare and Assistant Sub-Inspector Ramesh Janardhan Kale were dismissed from government service on Wednesday for their alleged involvement in aiding the escape of drug smuggler Lalit Patil from Sassoon Hospital. The action follows the dismissal of two police constables in the same case.

The dismissed individuals, Dongare and Kale, were responsible for guarding prisoners in Ward No. 16 of Sassoon Hospital. The incident in question occurred on the evening of October 2 when Lalit Patil walked away.

Promptly responding to the situation, Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr took a strict stance and suspended 11 police personnel.

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The initial wave of dismissals took place on November 21, with Natharam Bharat Kale and Amit Suresh Jadhav, staff of the police headquarters, losing their positions.