Pune: BJP Accuses Congress MLA of Misconduct, Video Surfaces of Ravindra Dhangekar’s Alleged Offensive Outburst Against PMC Officer

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Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 28th January 2024: A video tweeted by Murlidhar Mohol, a Senior BJP Leader of Pune, captures Congress MLA Ravindra Dhangekar using offensive language while dealing with a PMC officer. Mohol characterized the incident as the true face of Congress’s Mohabbat ki Dukan and portrayed it as Dhangekar’s presumptuous behaviour after becoming MLA.

Upon contacting Mohan Joshi, Senior Congress Leader of Maharashtra, regarding this matter, he dismissed it as a typical BJP tactic to divert attention from the city’s core issues and create unnecessary hype around an incident where the BJP sought credit but failed. Joshi defended Dhangekar, describing him as a results-oriented political figure for the common people. Dhangekar had reprimanded a PMC staff member for delays and a lax approach towards the duties.

Joshi recommended it is important to find out, in this case, whether this PMC officer was acting as an agent of the BJP. Joshi highlighted the BJP’s apparent forgetfulness of the recent case involving MLA Sunil Kamble, who slapped an on-duty policeman, questioning whether the BJP formally expressed regret for that incident or took any action.


Dhangekar was not available for his comments on the allegations.